Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Up and coming - February

What a start to the year. I've managed to stick to blogging pretty much 3 times a week, and none of it filler posts ( i don't think so at any rate).

I've been making consistent progress with the hobby as well which is great.

I do want to focus down a bit again though and set some soft goals for February:
-Hoffman. I think this is an easy one but I am already finding myself a bit fed up of painting metals. The end is in sight, and most of the metals are already done but if I set a date to have them finished by it will help keep me motivated to have them finished :)

-Infinity. I'd like to get my Morats based, and assembled so that they are ready for painting, and for whatever games might be available soon. I'd hate to be asked down to the store for a game and have nothing ready.

-Scenery. I've got some scenery left to build from some that I bought in a bundle last year. it got to the stage that I had enough for two games side by side on my 6x4 board (just enough) so i stopped, as the lack of instructions provided was a bit tough with some of the pieces. But I'd like to get this finished completely and out of the way now.

-Product reviews. I have a few things coming which I want to do some write-ups on, and showcase some ides I've had for a couple of different things.

I wasn't sure what the format of this post would/should be so I think if it becomes (semi) regular I might do a kind of 'monthly menu' kind of deal with a bit of a musing on what will be coming up in the month.

That's everything for now, hope to show some progress soon on the above :)

Thanks for stopping by

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