Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Weakly WIP

Yeah I'm trying out puns as post titles again, bare with me, but I'm not sure it's going to last long :P

I've got a couple of things on the go at the moment, but more so because I'm weak (oh look, it relates to the title....)

I knuckled down and primed all the Neverborn bases on Saturday morning, I mixed up my own dark grey, watered it down and went to work. It took a reasonably long time as I had to use a relatively small brush instead of just glomping it onto the bases in order to preserver the already pained skin parts of most of the models.

Setting these aside to dry, I decided to start assembling some of the Hoffman miniatures I caved in and bought with some cash I received from family at Xmas. I went ahead and did Ryle and the Guardian first, along with their bases. Just missing greenstuff topping to take flagstone details.

I am going to be pinning unfinished miniatures to unfinished bases and priming the whole lot together with this crew. I seem to have a habit of owning WIP miniatures that can't be used until they are eventually finished, which is not only frustrating, but not really a good use of the minis :p

I have my Peacekeeper (WIP) is based on a sewer style of base, and I will carry this throughout the Guild Constructs.  The idea of Hoffman working on his creations in some kind of mad engineers laboratory, is one that I really like :) I also added some 'charging points' to the Peacekeeper, as he was giving me a very 'Igor' vibe, and I love the idea of him getting recharge via some mad lightning conducting thing... I may have over thought this a little. Here he is, WIP anyway.

There is a technical paint that I've seen from Games Workshop which looks like a decent slimy green kind of effect so I intend to use this to add some interest to the bases, as well as perhaps some blood, because the sewers of Malifaux end up with all sorts down there...

That's it for now, lots more on the painting desk though :)

Thanks for stopping by

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