Sunday, 2 September 2012

Tentacle WIP (Blog Week Post6)

Finally did some painting today, after faffing around with the airbrush, and all the new bits and bob I've bought. It feels like I've not done any brush painting at all for a while.
I was working on the miniature that my wife has chosen for the campaign I'm running at the minute, and said I would prime & base coat the mini for her to paint.  I'm still having trouble with the Vallejo primer, I think maybe I'm thinning it too much? Research required for sure. Anyhow, the colour she had chosen for the skin tone was a VGC rather than VMA colour. I dropped some thinner in first, then the colour about 1:1 and mixed in the airbrush pot (which is a bad habit, the new paints aren't half as prone to clog due to crust etc. than my old ones, so I'm taking my chances and not straining them before they get into the airbrush.). I was running a low PSI which I've found gives me a lot of control, and I tend to try and get in close to the model with the airbrush anyway so it suits that side too.  Lomng story short, yet again great covrfage and really nice tone to the colour. I'm still very impressed with Vallejo products :)

I'm going to make a seperate point here and re-iterate that you should wear some kind of dustmask/filter when airbrushing with additives like the Vallejo thinner/ airbrush clearner. In my wisdom, I elected not to bother yesterday and ended up with a splitting headache for my troubles. Take heed  :)

The other project I worked on yesterday was my token pink miniature for the upcoming Breast Cancer Brawl event.

I primed with Vallejo Grey primer, and basecoated with VGC Bloody Red, working up through Squid pink to Squid Pink & White highlight.  The spine area is Khemri Brown>Dheneb Stone.
Still a few bits to finish off, but I'm really pleased with how it looks :)

All he needs now is his base remaking!

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  1. Nice one! I really need to start my pink miniature.

    Im thinking of using one of the gen con models.

  2. This is what Im thinking at the moment:

  3. Nice, look forward to seeing how you get on :)