Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Weekly WIP

Powering through my Gatormen Posses this week.  I've attached the original Posse I had to the first set of swamp/plank bases I made, and I think it looks really good.

I'm down to the details on the Gators now, necklaces/teeth etc so hopefully I'll be able to put up some decent shots of the completed models by the weekend.

I'm pretty pleased with how the two different Posses are looking different but still unified through the colour palette  I'm not sure if this picture shows it in comparison with the above two, but it will be clearer on the finished pictures :)

I'll also be starting on give away bases soon, had one request with details back in, the documenting of which will include a write up of some of my water effects process.  I've been testing the addition of citadel washes to water effects this week, and it's looking good. All will be revealed :)

Thanks for stopping by


  1. Hey lofty Looking good so far !!

    Curious to see the fully detailed models. Your painting style seems to work well with the gator models. Are you planning more water effects on the gators base as well?
    Keep Ehm coming!

    Cheers CJ

  2. Yeah, I'm going to add water to the non-plank areas, but hopefully try out the tinted water effects I've been experimenting with :)

    Thanks for the support!

  3. Those gators are looking as sweet as a nut. (a sweet nut).

    I think the differentiationiontion between the units is great - they look visibly different whilst still having a unified color scheme.

    Cant wait to see the finished bits and pieces.

  4. Cheers man. I'm pleased with how it's worked out. Hoping to get more time to paint before Sunday but it's looking un-likely at the moment :( will report back once they are done :)

  5. Second time lucky to see if comment goes.

    I'll try and think on the base when work gives me a moment to think.

    Great work on the gators and looking forward to seeing them done at the BCB. Trying to get my own 2 x 35 point pink lists done (even though I'm not playing) to show it could be done.

  6. No rush with the base order, just let me know what you need, and we can discuss.

    Thanks, one Posse is very close to done, and the other won't be far behind by the end of the weekend :)

  7. Are you just using different pallete to differentiate the Croc posses? Not sure if you've seen, but there are some nice uses of warpaint to differentiate units.

  8. That's a cracking idea, I'll look into that today.