Friday, 31 August 2012

Breach (Blog Week post5)

Me and my wife have both been admiring the models & aesthetic of Malifaux for quite some time, and I decided to take the plunge and buy us a 'crew' each at some point this year. The updated rulebook including fluff is winging it's way through the post to me as I type this.

Whilst not really being much of a gamer, my wife and I have played Mordheim in the past, and she is part of my current D&D group. We also play Magic The Gathering together occasionally (as well as the ubiquitous Munchkin) so it'll be good to get something new to play.

I've pretty much settled on the Lady Justice Crew as my choice. I like the models (though I think I prefer the alternate Lady justice sculpt). The judge and the marshals are amazing models, and I like what I've read about their role in the guild/Malifaux etc.
If it weren't for the gen con pre-releases I would still be happy with my choice, but some of the new plastics coming out for the game look fantastic. I'm not sure when these go on general release thouygh, so I'll stick to my guns for now :)

Rasputina stuck out for my wife, and I have to admit this is pretty cool starter set. I've had my eye on the ice golem guy for a while for use in DND.  

After checking out the fan/tactics wiki it seems that this pair make a good match up, so learning the game should be pretty straightforward.
One thing that I'm really looking forward to though is the card mechanic.  The game doesn't use a single dice, instead using a stylised version of a playing card deck (apparently normal cards can be used with ease if the suits are replaced with the ones used in game).

As I said, the rule/fluff book is in the post, and I look forward to reading up on everything and taking the plunge into the game when I get the models ordered :) 

Just a reminder that tomorrow's post is the penultimate blog week entry, with Sunday's dealing with the give-away I had planned.

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