Sunday, 9 September 2012


I was looking through my Blindwater figures the other day in order to decide which guys need to be re-based, and I spotted the stack of skulls that Barnabus is standing on. So I think to myself  'that looks cool, would be thematic as basing for the army, and make a lot of sense in a swamp environment' (Boneswarm, I'm looking at you).

A brief search of the internet brings back these. They don't look like much in the photo, but doing a bit more research on the company yields some good feedback, so I decide to give them a try. To be honest, 14 pence per skull beats anywhere else I could find, and makes far more sense than buying from 'bits stores' on line  I'm rambling a bit, sorry.

Long story short, they arrived, and I've added a couple to the bases I'm making for Thrullg, Maelok and my Ironjaw.

I think they look pretty good. A minimum of cleaning required, very minimal flash from the mould, and a lot of variety in the pack.  there are a few larger skulls, a lot of regular skulls, and a few which are just the eye sockets and above, and a few missing the jaw.

I'm looking forward to painting these up and seeing how they look on the bases.  It's a simple addition but I think it'll add some real character to the models based on them.
If you're looking for similar to add to models, I can certainly recommend these, cheap good looking and simple to use effectively :)

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