Thursday, 8 June 2017

Weekly Progress

I've been really ill this week. I've had Tinnitus for a few months, but this week I've had earache dizziness and migraines to go with it, so I've missed the past two days at work, which I hate doing as it means someone else has to pick up my projects.

The silver lining of course is that I've had a little extra time to spend on hobbying. I've gone a bit crazy with the pipes/tubes on my Eldar 'Vehicles' but I wanted to avoid the feeling that the weapon mounts were just stuck to the back of a dragon, so I have tried to imply that they have a power source somewhere else on the model. I'm going to add some small sections of plasticard tubes on the cabling to break up the longer patches, and maybe insinuate protection for what looks to be quite vulnerable power lines. I've also tried to cover up the riderless saddle with varying degrees of success. The Dark Elf dragon variation looks pretty self contained without any of the above so I've just left it as-is, using the Wraithknight secondary weapon mounts, plus some armour on the back.

I'm also done with the Wraithknight now, except for some gap filling on the more ill-fitting parts that I have added recently but it's no more than a few minutes work, along with blending some of the more disparate joins.
I'm really pleased  with this as I think it looks a suitably less advanced/low tech answer to the model for an Exodite force, as well as a kind of life support system for the ancient dragon.

I'm going to try and get some bases made for the Thunderwolf Cavalry and mounted Lord model ready for an exciting new development which I will hopefully be able to share this weekend...

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