Friday, 16 June 2017

Working for the weekend

Work has been a complete mess this week, so I've felt less than motivated to do anything at all in the evening unfortunately.

Whilst sitting around being burnt out, I've been thinking about how to best plan airbrush time use to maximise effectiveness. I'm going to list the models I want to get coated, and then list models with a decent amount of an associated colour. For example, I want to paint the waveserpents predominantly Red, so I will try and also include Fire Dragons in this painting session to get the most time using one colour before washing out the brush and changing colour. A whiteboard to hang on the wall by the desk might be a good investment here, or a notice board to pin the weekly list to :)

Hopefully there will be time this weekend to get an hour or so with the brush on Sunday. Saturday is of course the release of 8th, so my friend and I are going to the game store for opening to collect our pre-orders and see whats going on, then my wife and I are meeting some friends for the rest of the day.

Hopefully some pictures to include on Sunday :)

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