Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Brush the dust away

Back to song title blog post titles? Not sure if relevant title or return to wordplay attempt...

Anyway. In light of the things I discussed in the previous post I had a few issues with my airbrush. After painting so many single models/small groups for Malifaux, the thought of batch painting 20+ Space Wolves at a time is really daunting to be honest, so I'm pretty sure airbrushing is a worthwhile investment. Checking Amazon, I found a basic airbrush with decent reviews, and a set to help me clean blocked needle tips/nozzles. I also splashed out and got a quick connector set, in order to be able to use both airbrushes with minimum effort, as I imagine that switching between different brushes without having to let the compressor lose pressure first would be tricky. Lastly, a desk clamp to hold both brushes.

The plan currently is to use the original airbrush as undercoat and larger base-coats with the .5mm needle, and the new brush for finer details with .3mm/.2mm needles.

So at least that's the plan currently. I'll be sure to keep updating with the journey through airbrushing for the second time around. I'm definitely looking forward to using it on the various dragons/larger models needing paint. Hopefully I can get some decent OSL on some places too :)

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