Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Odds and Ends

I've been a bit under the weather recently, and also had some pretty heavy family related things going on that I've had to deal with as well.

The net result is that I've barely had any motivation to do any hobby stuff if I'm completely honest.

Having said that, I transferred some of my usable Citadel paints into dropper bottles which I bought on Ebay. This should make it easier to use them with both wet palette and airbrush, as well as having them out on the rack rather than stuck in a drawer for example.

I did find some good inspiration on a Facebook group for what I want to do with the wings for my Nephilim models though so I hope I can manage to test that out this week. Hoping to be able to replicate an almost black>purple colour gradient on the wings in contrast to the pale blue which I've used on the skin :)

I've also got myself back into the habit of reading on the train again instead of just browsing the internet in my pre-coffee haze, which means I finished the biography I was reading, and have started again on the series of fantasy books I've been working my way through for years. I messaged some friends on the off-chance that they would want to play a D&D campaign with me in the DM.
I love D&D, I love creating characters, I love 3.5, I love the mechanics. In fact in some of my 'stuck in a rut too fed up to be bothered' time in the evenings recently has been spent noodling around on hero lab creating characters :P.
I also made some dungeon tiles out of old cereal packets which has been a good way to clear my mind and zen out a bit, as well as preparing for when I put pen to paper and start to write the first few encounters for the group.

A bit of a ramble this week, for which I apologise. I hope I get get my head back into it soon and enjoy some hobby time to share with you all.

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