Sunday, 12 February 2017

The Scenic Route - All Mapped Out

For quite a while now I've been wanting some gaming mats for our home Malifaux scene. I originally had some picked out on but with the GBP being as weak as it is at the moment, there was seemingly never a good time to order these.

So after Xmas I finally decided to take the plunge and get hold of some. After some quality searching by my wife, we came to Deepcut Studios (who incidentally also made my Warmachine Tourny trays way back when). In an idea to save on shipping from Europe, I originally ordered these from Wayland games, who had them in stock when I ordered but then two days later put the whole order on hold without getting in touch and letting me know why (I have a very strong opinion of Wayland Games which I wont discuss here but feel free to ask). So after cancelling this order I went directly to Deepcut studios and ordered Direct and the mats arrived in 4 days from Lithuania (for a lower total GBP price I might add).

We chose between us the Medieval Ruins & Muddy Fields mats, and a carry bag for storage/transport. After receiving them we promptly used them in a game and snapped some shots of the Muddy fields below :)

The first shot shows the markings on the mat designed to show the measurements required by any and all Malifaux schemes/strategies; Centre line, all available deployment zones, centre marker plus 6". These are clearly marked but not so distinct as to ruin the overall effect.
The print quality is fantastic and the mat looks great all by itself. It looks even better with the scenery all set out and it was great to play on. The markings worked just as intended and saved lots of faff measuring for objectives etc in the middle of the game. This is doubly useful as it means you are able to see specific measurements without using a tape to check them and potentially giving away your intent to your opponent.

I am over the moon with these and would definitely recommend them to anyone in the market for playmats for Malifaux :)
Again,I haven't been sponsored at all for this review and everything is out of my own pocket.

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