Monday, 6 February 2017

Hot Desk

After saying how pleased I was about keeping to regular blog days, I go and miss the one I planned for yesterday... :(

To be fair I had all the photos and some of the draft written, but I've not really been well (headaches, earaches and now tinnitus which is really enjoyable..)

So on the the show anyway.

I had plans this year to look again at my desk setup for my hobby area. I did have in mind that the cats would be allowed in the study when we weren't at home, so everything should be easy to get out/put away with minimal fuss, but I think the reality is that they cant be trusted in the study full stop unsupervised as they are tricksy and curious :p
So I originally had all my paints and miniatures in the wooden drawers I bought from IKEA (Moppe)
which can be seen below the new paint racks.
I had been looking at some paint racks for a while, and eventually settled on some I found whilst looking for some MDF terrain bases (which we will be looking at in a later blog). I would have loved the corner workstation combo (with drawers) but that would be too deep for that side of my desk, however the paint rack did fit almost perfectly on top of the drawers I have on top of my desk.

Everything is a lot more easily accessible now and I think it's a much better use of the space. I know the tall rack is almost empty, but I'm just waiting on a delivery of dropper bottles so I can transfer my Citadel paints into them.

The paint racks arrived flat of course and required some assembly with woodglue.

The base of the tall rack had a part which was broken in transit, but this was a small part of the base which is now hidden after assembly and not weight bearing so no harm no foul. Very simple to assemble and barely need the instructions.

The tiered rack was a little more confusing. All the parts are labelled on the instruction sheet, but the design of the rack looks to have changed since these instructions were written/printed so when I was trying to tick off parts I should have vs parts I did have they don't quite tally up. With a little help from my wife though I managed to realise that I had all the right parts, after which assembly is completely fine.

For the price, I would definitely recommend these, they look great, are sturdy and do exactly what they need to .I f you have the luxury of a bit more space, the different combos available for paint racks and drawers etc are fantastic.
The website also has some really nice scenery for multiple games systems, which looks fantastic (especially the light up stuff!)

Lastly, I haven't been sponsored at all for this review, and everything is out of my own pocket.

Thanks for stopping by

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