Wednesday, 15 February 2017

On the Payroll - Hardware

I've finally made noticeable progress with Hoffman and pals. It seems to have taken an age to get to even this stage. After initially being excited and having a lot of momentum with assembly, basing and a quick drybrush, I seem to have then come to a halt.
It didn't help at all when I started basecoating in the wrong shade of red, only realising after it's first (patchy, disheartening) layer.
Lessons learned here definitely are that batch painting is a mixed blessing :P
I'm also looking into a better setup to take pictures with. I can't afford to buy a dedicated camera for a hobby blog, but I can stretch to a decent tripod for my phone and perhaps a camera app beyond the default one.

Not far to go now, some weathering/highlighting of the red and some rivets to pick out. The bases are almost done except for some green slime I want to add from the Games Workshop technical paint whose name I can't remember...

I'm going to keep on with these tonight and during any time i get this weekend and hopefully have them table ready soon :) then I can start pushing the 2 or 3 90% complete models I have to completion as well.

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