Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The Scenic Route - Scatter

Alongside the paint racks I talked about in my last post, I picked up some MDFterrain bases I got one set of each, with the intention of adding variety to our current terrain collection (more on which to follow this month).

They arrived in giant sealable bags and I promptly set about making the first few ideas I had for scatter terrain, the weekend after I had made the paint racks.

-A simple wall just using broken parts of a pot stand from IKEA, with gravel and sand around the edges of the base

-Rocky outcrop using the same bits of pot stand, also with some of it cut in half to add more topography/variation

-Rough terrain from bits of scrap cork, sand and gravel

I will be painting these and adding grass tufts, hopefully this weekend. I think they look great for little to not time at all spent on them and I look forward to trying them out in some games.

Some of you may already be aware but MDF as with other cheap wood aggregates is very prone to warping when damp/wet. Part of the sand/gravel process involves a layer of watered down PVA to stop it all coming off during painting. I was at least semi-prepared for warping and had found this resource in advance.
It wasn't any real shock when the wall had curved up like a banana, I wet the back and left it overnight but not before realising that the PVA glue had not only warped it but also probably helped it set into that shape, so I gently bent it and heard some creaks and cracks where it was holding that curved shape.
It is now ready for another load of water to be applied to the back (i might leave a wet piece of kitchen towel on it to stop the water pooling/running off), but It will be fine after that :)
UPDATE - I left wet kitchen towel on then and pushed them back into shape and they are completely flat again the morning after.

All in all, well worth the money and I have more ideas to create scenery from quickly, easily and at little cost.

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