Monday, 12 December 2016

Year in Review 2016


That's right, I'm not dead. Still alive and kicking, however I'm still just as useless at updating a blog regularly.

I'm determined to give it one last push to keep a regularly update wargaming blog, and if it fizzles out this time, then I guess that's a sign to stop :)

I initially wanted to give this a go with a brand new blog, and a clean slate rather than the multiple restarts i've attmepted here after what was at one point a regularlry updated blog with what I percieved as decent content. However, I don't want to lose all the content here and have to re-host any photos or lose any articles I particularly liked. I have had a bit of a play with the way things look though which may or may not change in teh next few weeks. This all depends on if I can work out how to create a new image for the blog header for example :)

Let's look back at the year so far and see what there is to work into a new blog.

- I went back to the Leeds game night early in the year and began with Hordes, and a few games of Malifaux there too. In no small part due to the faff of getting home so late on games night after the long train ride home afterwards(all on a work night), I stopped going to the Leeds game night.

- A long time friend of mine was also getting into Malifaux around this time and since then we have played many games and expanded our group of two in to 6-8 people now playing Malifaux. We have even had two 6 player three round 'tournaments' on boards at home (My wife and I took 1st place at one of each of these, just sayin'..). My wife also plays Malifaux now as her first ever tabletop game aside from D&D, which means I play more wargames now than I have since I was a lot younger.

- A new independent hobby shop has opened in the town nearest to me, so now that our budding Malifaux scene is developing, we are hoping to support them by booking out enough tables there for our next event. It's important to support things like this as there hasn't been a hobby shop closer than Leeds for maybe ten years!

- Whilst I will still be playing (Mk2) Warmahordes with friends, I have downsized my collection, and parted ways with my Gators, leaving me with my fair size Skorne collection for the occasional game.

- I mentioned in January this year that I had just re-jigged my desk setup in the study, giving me a lot more hobby space, and better access to various projects and making it generally easier to paint and make toy soldiers etc. i will hopefully post a few pictures in coming blog posts.

- I have refined my magnetic storage solutions, and again I will be going over this in future posts :)

- I have made what I think are massive improvements in my painting with my Malifaux collection and will try to feature these (again) in some posts in the future. I got a wet palette for my birthday this year and I think that this has helped a lot with me moving away from drybrushing and starting to paint 'properly' with layered highlights.

- With the recent release of the new Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marines, my friend and I will be reworking some of our very first armies that we collected and played together, with me starting fresh with some of my most loved miniatures, the Space Wolves. This will mainly be a modelling and painting project as we are both just as disillusioned as always with the constant rules updates to games systems leaving us out of touch. We will be sticking to 6th/7th edition 40k for the games we play.

This pretty much covers what I hope to write about in the next few posts. I would also like to make some kind of posting schedule to help keep me posting regularly. Things like WiP Wednesdays, and product reviews.

Yet again I've dumped a wall of very uninteresting text with no pictures, but this blog is as much for me as it is for anyone else that reads it ;)

Thanks for stopping by

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