Saturday, 31 December 2016


I'm not a fan of resolutions, New Year ones or otherwise.

Instead I'm going to list what I've got outstanding, and what I hope to get done in the coming arbitrary time measurement :p

-Ortegas. I bought the crew box for Francisco (who I then replaced with the
 limited sculpt ironically).
-Peacekeeper, Lone Marshal & Pale Rider. WIP for to long!
-Hoffman crew, on whom I've had my eye for a while.
-Lucius (see below...).

-Lilith crew is progressing well to completion and hoping to get some use out
 of her on the table top this year.
-Lucius is a master that hasn't really interested me in the Guild, but it's a
 great chance to use him with my Neverborn :)
-Expansion into Titania/Zoraida/Collodi? No Idea who works well with what so
 this is a wildcard :)

-Parker Barrows is cool, need I say more?

-Through The Breach
-We will be playing this in the new year so I expect to be making & paining one
 or two characters.

Warhammer 40,000
-Space Wolves
-I'll be outlining the models I have and what I plan to expand into
-I plan to assemble everything I have & then paint everything as much together
 as possible.

-I'd love to get this project finished and give it the time it deservers, let's see :)

-Cool Stuff
-I intend to buy models that I like in order to paint. Because why not? maybe they
 will be integrated into current projects, maybe not but that doesn't matter :)

-Re-think my painting/desk setup, maybe it's fine how it is, maybe I can improve
-Make a decision finally one way or the other about airbrushing, I'm not sure I can
 do it even with an extractor booth really as my desk is so far away from the window to vent it.            Deliberation required :)

-I have some models which I bought hoping to convince a friend of mine to play but
 this will inevitably be a painting project, so expect pictures at some point :)

-Dark Age
-I'd love to collect, paint and play this but at a push I might be able to get some
 awesome minis to paint.

-Have fun and learn/improve while doing it. Is that not why we are here after all?

I hope you all enjoy whatever way you choose to welcome in 2017, and whatever hobby related goodness you are planning on :)

Thanks for stopping by

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