Wednesday, 14 December 2016

On The Payroll - Brutal Emissary conversion

I'm a guild man.

I've mentioned a few times now about Malifaux, and having a Lady Justice crew. I also have a Lady Sonnia crew box, and a wealth of additional models from the guild faction.

I love the straightforward nature of the guild. Direct damage appeals to me as a gamer rather than being tricksy, or fast or manipulative.

Anyway, I wanted to talk today about my Brutal Emissary model.

I pre-ordered the model as I think it looks fantastic, it epitomises the unforgiving brutal (obviously...) nature of the guild and, in my opinion, will make a great centrepiece for my guild collection.

However, I think that the sword it is equipped with looks unfinished. If I'm honest it looks like a placeholder that was left unfinished in order to release the model quicker. I can't think why else it would be so plain when weaponry found on models like the Judge or Sonnia or Wichling Handlers are at least semi-ornate.

I decided that I would dive in and make my own replacement for this weapon. I spent a long time being indecisive, and trying to convince myself I could make it more ornate when I painted it, or some greenstuff would make it look better. In the end though, I clipped it off the model and left myself no choice other than to replace it.

I looked around at great knives on the internet, and ended up being heavily influenced by Pyramid head's knife from Silent Hill. I measured out the existing blade and marked off the dimensions on some thin plasticard. I sketched out what I wanted and cut the first layer of card to this shape. I repeated the process with two thicker pieces of plastic and glued them to either side to give me a rough shape.

From here, I started to carve and file the contours into the blade to give it an edge and tip.

The Emissary has an ability called "Never bluff a six gun, so I decided I wanted to turn this in to some kind of gunblade (a la Squall from FF VII).

At this stage, I'm still so shocked that I haven't completely ruined the model and been left with no weapon for him, so I forge ahead and start to embellish with greenstuff and attach it to the miniature

At this stage I'm completely taken with the model and painting progresses at a rate of knots, even with me taking my time and using my brand new wet palette to get layers nice and thin, and the rest as they say is history!

I couldn't be more pleased with this, and I love the final look of the model. I kept the base relatively plain in order not to detract from the final thing. Hopefully you like it as much as I do :)

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