Thursday, 29 December 2016

Mother of Monsters. Neverborn - Making a Start

Because I don't have enough projects on the go at the moment...

I bought a bundle of Neverborn a while back as an alternative to my guild collection, mainly I thought to break up the leather colours and greys that I had picked for the guild. I got them assembled pretty quickly but then I wanted to wait for the Kickstarter basing pads that I had backed to get them ready to paint etc.

Fast Forward to last the beginning of the month and I had bought a white and a grey primer as my wife wasn't a fan of using black primer. I tried to prime the Neverborn using a zenithal priming technique to see how it would work out. As it turns out it didn't really, but now I have them all primed and ready to paint.

And now fast forward to this week, and I wanted to get a master ready to use that wasn't the two I've been using for my whole time playing the game.
I've had the idea for colours since I bought the models really, and wanted to do a pale blue and dark purple contrast, so off I went :)

Sticking with a departure from my previous drybrush and wash crutch, I've been using thin layers and glazes and I'm happy with progress so far. Obviously a long way to go yet, but I think the skintone is pretty much finished. Looking at Nekima makes me think I need to go back and do maybe one more layer of a paler colour though :)

Hopefully able to make progress soon and get the bases sorted as well.

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