Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Product review - Basius Texturis Kickstarter

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I originally wanted this post to go up on the 24th to avoid complete silence over the holiday weekend, but it didn't publish when I set the scheduler to do so. Ah well :) see below anyway.

I backed a kickstarter this year for a greenstuff moulding base system. I have long been a fan of making my own bases, but I saw something similar to this system around on the internet and thought it was a good compromise between making my own bases (as opposed to buying resin bases/toppers) and saving time by making the process a bit easier.

I wont mention what I thought of how well the kickstarter was handled, as apparently delays on that platform are the norm rather than something to be annoyed about. Some creators probably handle expectations better than others too I guess.

I pitched in for 6 of the new pads mainly for Malifaux but I also grabbed two for Infinity, as I love the game system and the models even though I think I'm destined never to play it.

The pads arrived needing a good scrub with hot soapy water, as either the resin or the release agent smells unpleasant to say the least. Even now they have a strange aroma.
The detail is fantastic, very crisp and varied throughout each of the ones I have.

I went with a trial run for this on the metal Sam Hopkins I got for Xmas (along with a convict gunslinger card. 'Party Boy Hopkins' has become some kind of weird in-joke with my friend, long story). I wasn't sure about how the recess in the base would affect the process, so I used a circle cutter to cut the right sized plasticard circle to fit in the indentation.
I loaded up said circle with greenstuff and laid it face down on the pad in the area I wanted the texture from. I pushed this down using a spare 50mm square base to get even pressure after thoroughly wetting both the pad and the greenstuff.
I left it for a minute or two then carefully pried the plasticard away from the pad. There wasn't much overhanging the plasticard which is great. After it had cured for a few hours, as greesntuff requires I glued it to the base. and pinned the model as I usually would.

The only problem I had was that the plasticard circle was maybe 1/1.5mm too small, so I added some sand to cover the gap between greenstuff and the base, and it looks fine in my opinion, and I've learned what to do and what not to do for the next time I use them.

These are well worth checking out now that the kickstarter has ended, maybe even some of the larger products from their similar range if you want lots of variation on one theme.
Watch out for these featuring on at least a few models coming up :)

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