Sunday, 18 December 2016

On The Payroll - Roster

As promised, I've taken some photos of my current Guild collection.

The only things not featured here are a Lone Marshall, the Pale Rider, Peacekeeper, Alternative Francisco and the Brutal Effigy. I will hopefully have time to finish a few of them soon enough, and they may well end up in a weekly WIP post before then :)

Excuse the makeshift light box.

First up, my favourite Crew box (minus totem which I've never used but is at least part way painted)
Lady Justice. This was my first crew and the master I've played hte most with and learned the game with.

Next we Have Sonnia Criid. I really like the shift in playstyle from melee aggression to powerful caster

Next up is Dashel and the Guild Guards from Lucius' box. No real interest in playing Lucius really, but he can apparently run a Nephilim grow list reasonably successfully. (Have I alluded to future revelation?. quell horreur). Anyway, Dashel works well with the Guards and riflemen. Yes I know the raptor isn't attached the Austringer properly. I'm not yet ready to talk about Austrigner assembly
I've yet to use the exorcists sucessfuly :( but the riflemen consistently do well when I bring them :)

The mainstays of my Justice/Sonnia crews :) the 0 upgrade on the executioner is ridiculous :D

Lastly I have the starter box Guild miniatures. My wife and I bought the starter box to help her learn the game :). I really like the dirty white on these guys. Just need to decide what a hospital floor colour would be in Malifaux :/

I'll hopefully have some WIP at some point during next week to share :)

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