Monday, 1 October 2012

A Black Tide Rises

I haven't made a great deal of progress this weekend unfortunately.  We had a visit from some university friends on Saturday, and Sunday was spent catching up/playing Vassal.
I did however mange to scrub and dry my recent purchases ready for assembly this week :)

I really enjoyed the Vassal game, the write-up of which is here so I wont expand on it much further. Suffice to say that Gators are tough :)
It was the first test I've had of the Barny list I will be running at the BCB event this month though, so it was good to see how that panned out. I should rally try and get at least one game in with Maelok before the event though I think!

I've exchanged a couple of sketches with Griffin ( about the trenches he wanted for eHaley's tier so I can begin assembling them soon enough I hope, Just need to pick up a few ingredients, which I can do hopefully in town this week :)

Other than that, I'll be assembling, basing and trying to get more added to Maelok this week. The recent purchases are the only models I need to get painted by the event, but once they are done, I am aiming to get the rest of my Blindwater collection painted, as all that is left is Calaban and the small based models that I own for the faction.
Hopefully it is something which is achievable by year end. After that, I'm just Destors away from fully painted again with my Ret', and a whole bunch of unpainted Skorne :P

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