Friday, 19 October 2012

The calm before the brawl

As you guys know, I'm attending a Breast Cancer Brawl event run by LeedsWarmachine on Sunday. I've been busting a gut this week trying to get things finished for the day.
Of course, this being the worst time to have loads of none hobby related things to do, thats when everything happens.
All I've really managed to do this week is tidy up base rims and get a glaze down on the swamp horror to unify the layers (VMA blues are amazing for any use) and to be honest I'm excited about how it's turning out.
I've managed to clear tomorrow entirely to give me a fighting chance of getting at least Maelok and the swamp horror done, and maybe even a start on the witch doctor. Hopefully I'll manage to meet these targets. As I've said before though, all 3 models are from my secondary list so it isn't a huge loss.
The upshot of all this is that it's unlikely that I'll have any progress shots this weekend unless I do well tomorrow. I'll definitely have some pictures from the event though, and a full army shot either before or after I go :)
After the event, I'm going to take a week or so away from my miniature hobby to try and avoid burnout after the mad rush I've had on these lists.
Upcoming projects though in no real order:
- Trench templates for Griffin (
- Giveaway bases
- Destors, and last few Ret pieces to get back to fully painted
- Maybe some Vyre 'jacks?..
- Skorne
And hopefully far more gaming than I usually get (more vassal at least would be good)
Wish me luck for Sunday, it's a great cause!
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  1. Really looking forward to sunday - I have been using it as an excuse to speed paint the Cygnar models I had lying around from when I started the game and have never really used. These are painted to a VERY basic standard but it has been nice to try a different approach to painting before I refocus on my pirates (which I want to maintain a high standard on).

    Im really hoping we get a game in the tournament - are you able to stay for the full day?

    1. If everything runs to Mark's schedule I should be about till the end :)

      Should be fun, I bet your speed painting is still far above most people standards though :p

  2. good luck at the tournament, looking forward to some pictures if you are able to take some! :)

    Also looking forward to a lot of the WiP planning items:

    Also been looking into getting some Destor Thanes so curious to see what you think of them

    Cheers CJ

  3. I'll try take as many pictures as I can manage. Really looking forward to the day :)