Sunday, 21 October 2012

Brawlin' - The aftermath(pt1)

A very brief update today just to say that the Breast Cancer Brawl event (pictures incoming I believe) run today by LeedsWarmachine was a blast. I've some pics, and a more full write up on the way, but just wanted to check-in and say that it was a really good day, and a lot of effort was put in by the organisers, so thanks for that, ans thanks as well to everyone that took part and raised so much! (I'll let LeedsWarmachine reveal donation totals).
For my own self indulgence though, I won best single pink miniature for my Thrullg which was rewarded by a Warmachine MK2 poster signed by the Privateer Press staff. I also snagged the pink Bloody Barnabus card for best in faction (I was the only minion player!) a £20 gift card for the LGS hosting the event, and a Minions coin unclaimed after the domination event which I bid for.  On top of the pink PP bandana that everyone got (and cupcakes!) and the wooden spoon from the Domination event which was a black PP bandana). What I was by far most pleased with though is that I got a lot of kind comments about my painted miniatures, which really made all that effort worthwhile!

All in all, very pleased that I went and that it was so much fun, and I'll be adding a more thorough write-up & photo dump at some point in the coming week



  1. Awesome bud, sounds like it went right well. You came out of it with a few prizes too. How did you place?

  2. Was a pretty good day. First two games, I only got one turn in each... Legion players ;_;
    Other than that, it was a laugh, I did get one win as well, so not a total loss :)

  3. Congrats on the wins - well deserved praise also.

    I had a great day at leeds as well - so impressed with the level of organisation and effort that went into it all. Looking forward to reading your write up and writing my own.

  4. Cheers dude, shame we missed out on getting a game again though :( well done on your placement though!

    Hopefully have pics etc sorted on Wednesday :)