Sunday, 14 October 2012

Tentacle WIP

I finally had some time to use my airbrush this weekend (just now in fact).
I really like the way the blues have come out, though I think they're a little lighter than I would have liked.  I base coated the entire thing with VMA blues, and then began to dust lighter colours from a sharp angle from above, leaving the base coat on the underside & in the recesses.  I really like this effect, and all I think I'll need to do (in addition to detail work) is a wash of the darkest base layer to bring the tone back down a little.

I love the blue colours here, and think they are a great contrast to the murky greens in the rest of the force :)

I also based/primed the Witchdoctor and Calaban, but unfortunately I only got round to adding sand to the Bonestorm today so it wasn't ready for priming. I did however get the base colours down on the Swamp Horror's base ready for painting in the week. This should give you a rough idea of what it will look like :)

That's about all for this week unfortunately, there's been a blight of social activity recently which is keeping me from hobbying.  I'm up against it a little now, as Maelok still needs finishing, as well as the Witchdoctor and this beasty.  Hopefully I'll make it, but if not, at least my main list is fully painted, with the exception of labelling up the Gatormen to allocate damage

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  1. very nice colours!very nice paint work, the dusting and blends look great!!

    the base is looking good already!

  2. Thanks dude, quite pleased with how it turned out as a first attempt with airbrush techniques :)

    hopefully have some more done soon, then I can start on competition bases!

  3. I love the blues!

    Unfortunately its depressing how small the swamp horror is next to your hand. I wish it was battle engine sized like the artwork implied.

  4. Cheers dude

    It is a strange size for a heavy, I do really like the model though :)