Sunday, 7 October 2012

Reality Check

Managed to snap a couple of pics of finished bases after what's been a pretty busy weekend yet again.  Whilst busy, it has been a good one, and I've realised a few things after spending time with a friend or two outside my usual circle, which is always nice. anyhow, on with the show;

Just need the rims tidying and water effects adding to the Wrastler :) (who also needs some tidying up where I've added greenstuff to get a better adhesion to the base)

Sorry it's a little brief but thanks for stopping by


  1. Looking good already lofty, however the snakes need some patterns.

    something like this would be easy to do:

    and they are watersnakes aswell!

    GL mate!

    1. Thanks CJ I think you're right. I'll give that a go and see how it turns out :)