Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Weekly WIP

No Pics this week I'm afraid.  I've had very little time to make any decent progress to be honest. After a busy weekend socially, and the fact that I've been assembling minis this week equates to very little to show.

It's going to be another busy weekend coming up as well, so I can't promise there will be a great deal done then :(

I'll hopefully have the bases that I've been working on finished by the end of the week, and miniatures pinned to them ready to go.

The only other thing I'd like to add this week is that I don't like the Witch Doctor model. There I said it. Far too many components if you ask me. I think I'm just bitter after dropping it whilst the glue was drying and having to clean up and start again to be honest.  If I decide to run a list with more than one though, I will be making my own second and/or third models :)

Sorry for the boring update, hopefully I'll be able to grab some decent painting time soon

Thanks for stopping by


  1. no photos!

    hehehe still good to hear your still busy, keep up the good work!

  2. Really? How many parts does the croc doc come in?

    Also have you ever heard of accelerator spray? I use the stuff on every single model I make.

  3. Sorry CJ, there really isn't anything to show :( just one of those weeks.

    Griff - 2 arms, body, tail and 2 (yes 2 seperate parts to the head). pain in the backside tbh. I have heard of it, and I should probably pick some up. does it make the joints any more/less brittle (as I've heard rumoured)


  4. Wow sounds pretty crazy, wonder why the head is in two.

    It's not bad, like I said I use it on everything. Usually without pinning and I have never had a problem with breakages. I think the rumours come from people who crazy obsess about stuff breaking. You know the ones who religiously pin everything.

  5. Ah, I pin everything...
    Maybe it'll help that though, as I sink a pin, and then have to hold it to dry ^_^ is it an aerosol can type thing?

  6. Yeah it's an aerosol, well at least the one I use is. Don't know about others.

    After you sink the pin in spraying over it would help. It'd dry the outer bit of glue holding it in place. but the inner part would dry slower (as far as I understand how this stuff works). I always glue the joint as normal then spray over it. As opposed to glue one side and spray the other. Might be why mine doesn't appear as brittle I suppose.

    Lol, I just failed the 'are you a robot' test.

  7. Nice one, I may take a look for some. Would save me a fair amount of hassle :)