Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Brawlin' - The aftermath(pt2)

As promised, here's my photodump from the BCBtourney at the weekend along with a brief write-up of the day as I remember it.

Professional badasses before the first game
I took a single turn in the first game against Tony Moore's Legion. I moved Barny quite far forward in swamp pits to protect from (what I thought would be inevitable) sprays/assaults. turns out eThagrosh's feat turn was more than enough to do me in. Short but sweet

Guess what mistake I made in the second game? Yes I am that stupid, Simon's Angelus applied liberally to Barny's face, again, I played a single turn.

Third game was versus Trollbloods, controlled by a chap called Chris.  I got a second turn assasination after a posse took down the sons of bragg, and the feat removed Rok's melee range allowing them to charge Borka for the win. Nice chap, good chat, good game.

Final Game was against a friend of mine from the club I used to frequent on Mondays.  Very enjoyable game proving how tenacious Gators can be, with Barny surviving multiple rounds against (epic I think?) Vlad.  In the end though, I couldn't hit the guy, and If Vlad hjadn't done for me, Drago would have obliged I'm sure!

On with the photos!
One of the few (only) Ret' armies in our meta



Pink Merc's!

Some Very well based &  Painted Cygnar


  1. so seriously pretty armies in your meta, your looks great as well, very spiffy army tray!looks like a solid investment!

  2. There are indeed some great painters who come to the Leeds events. Very jealous, I was lucky to win the single pink miniature.

    Very pleased with the tray, will hopefully be getting another couple too

  3. Nice write up. It was a great day - it sounds like your games were all pretty quick save the last one - some hectic assassinations going off.

  4. Yeah, I don't learn from my mistakes, or know enough about other armies and their rules really :)

    fun day though

  5. I think we'll see more Ret players as Dan is playing regularly now, you dabble and Chris has just bought mine.

  6. Look like a good bloody day. I'm going to try get down to the next one sporting my Gravediggers (hopefully).

    Also. F#*@ you Legion.

  7. Legion are indeed not an easy opponent lol

    Just as I'm about to start playing them again Mark? :( Fix!