Thursday, 2 May 2013

Into The Groove

After my post the other day, I turned my attention to the PP community at large, and repeated the text on the forums. I was reminded yet again why this is one of the best communities in wargaming - solidarity and support from the start.  You faithful followers here are always just what I need to keep me blogging as well.

I'm typing this after being at home all day waiting for an engineer to fix our phone line and get us back online. During that time, I've got Hyperion ready for undercoat, and tidied up my work area & got eVyros out ready to gap fill, and hopefully undercoat.

I've also been considering all the advice I've had from various sources over the past week or so, and come away with the following lessons;

- Goals - The last time I got any considerable amount of painting done was to the deadline of Breast Cancer Brawl. This is a great way of staying motivated, as it takes away the need to motivate yourself, as there will be others painting to the same deadline, and (I personally) would want to appear with as few unpainted miniatures as possible.

- Variety - One of my biggest problems recently I think is that I've decided I want to work on my Ret' but then spent all day at work daydreaming about how I could airbrush my bog trogs, or what I'm going to change about my Skorne scheme.

So in light of all this, the next few things I'm going to be working on are;

- Minions - Some really great models for the airbrush here, farrow bonegrinders will be great to 'two tone' with grey fur and darker brown skin. Bog trogs similarly so, coupled with the fact that it was a real chore to get them together so I'd love to be able to get them painted quickly and add the detail.

- Skorne - I've been racking my brain and trying to decide what it is that I'm not happy with about my current paint scheme, so I'll hopefully be posting some examples soon of what I'm going to modify to get some opinions on this.

- Retribution - I've slipped a fair way from the fully painted collection I once had, so I really would like to drive this home. As it stands, I've WIP solos/Ravyn to get finished, Destors, eVyros and Hyperion all nowhere near started so this will be a long haul interspersed with the other projects to keep me going.

- Other models - There are a number of ranges that I own models from/intend to pick up models from, like infinity and Malifaux for example. I doubt I'll ever really game with these miniatures (except Malifaux with the wife) but they are nice enough for me to paint for paintings sake, and provide a decent amount of variety.
I also want to pick up a few GW display pieces. Their recent releases have really grabbed my attention, but they've priced me out of their games forever. I don't mind picking up a centrepiece as a project (magnets etc) but I won't be buying enough to play ever again.
First up in this regard is a unit of custom terminators with round shields, watch this space :)

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I'm hoping to start getting more hobby work done, and that can only mean WIP pictures a plenty once I get going :)

Thanks for stopping by

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