Sunday, 12 May 2013

Weekend Warrior

I managed to get the witch doctor finished :)

I like the albino style colour so much that I will use this method for all my witch doctors (Currently only Calaban) when I manage to convert up some more.

I also played around with my new colour ideas for my Skorne, but I couldn't get any of them to look as good as Xerxis currently does in what was the final iteration of my bone + blue scheme, so I will be continuing with that :)

This week will be working on Maelok I reckon, and then seeing what takes my fancy after that.  I didn't manage to get a respirator over the weekend, so I will try and get one on payday this month a long with some bits and bobs like varnish, as some of my beasts have chipped at some point, or have paint rubbed off by foam, which is less likely.  This of course means that I will need to finally add water effects to those that need it, and I can do this all at once, and hopefully varnish the next day :)

Once I've got a respirator though, I will be working on my minions units, and trying to use the airbrush to get them done quickly, whilst not rushing them.  The bog trogs especially I can see as being laborious to paint after not particularly enjoying putting them together

I will also hopefully be picking up Gargantuans on payday so I can catch up on all the fun :)

Thanks for stopping by


  1. Looks good! I like the albino style, I may have to sneak one into my gator force somewhere as well.

    The one thing that stands out to me is that the cloak is a cool grey, and clean. It clashes with the earthier tones. A little bit of muddying up or wear and tear would bring it in line with the rest of the model, and bring more attention to the snake and bottles.
    Either way, it is a great addition to your congregation.

    1. Hi there.

      Thanks for the comment, I think you're right. I want to try out some weathering pigments at some point in the future, but a couple of strategically placed muddy washes will work here, thanks for the tip!

  2. Love it, you pulled it off no bother and there you were getting stuck.

    I will echo the comment about needing to get his cloak dirty.

  3. Cheers manb, it was a joy to paint after all my whining too :p
    Added some dirty washes to his robe thing also.

    I'm planning a conversion for my next witch doctor so watch this space!