Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Gravewalker

In a flurry of productivity (the likes of which hasn't been seen for over a year:/) I got Calaban finished, and a base prepped.
I'm pleased with the way he has come out. For some reason, the albino skin tone isn't quite the same as the witch doctor. I think maybe I got confused between two similar looking paints for the base coat  I'm happy though  and definitely can't complain about knocking him out as quick as I managed   I'll never be dropping quality minis in the kind of time scales Griffin does, but I'm happy.

I would guess that this is the last entry for a while, depending when my orders arrive, as I may be able to get some quick WIP shots of my planned witch doctor conversion.  Other than that I would hope to be able to get at least some hobby work done a week on Monday which is a bank holiday.

Until then I will be chipping away at the tyrant I mentioned, Maelok if I get distracted, and I hope that I can add the finishing stages to my Bronzeback titan. Maybe even get my Cetrati finished. Ambitious maybe but at least I'm in the zone :)

Thanks for stopping by


  1. I turn my back for two minutes and your away! Looking good lad, I must say I like Calaban more than the Witch Doctor.

    I can't wait to see what you do with the second one. Good luck on that.

  2. Thanks man. I think it looks pretty good :) banged a base together pretty quick too. Might be able to get it painted this week.

    Will try and blog as much converting as possible too


  3. Really nice - Im not sure Ive ever seen the Calaban miniature in the flesh - that headdress is cool.

    1. Thanks :) I like the way it came together for a day or so's work

      Congratulations by the way