Saturday, 11 May 2013

WIP Lash

The time has finally arrived! Yes that's right I have painting to post! Feast your eyes my friends;

It's nothing much really but I've been rattling through this miniature considering that it was the model that I wanted to get done 'collaterally'. Whilst searching for inspiring pictures of the model, I found a really good albino version on Bell of Lost Souls which I really liked so here it is.
I've also made a real effort to use something other than drybrushing to layer paints, and this can be seen here on his cloak/rags, and skulls (which I'm not happy with as I think I started with too dark a colour, but hey ho). I'm really pleased with how this is turning out and hope to have him finished today at some point.

I've also been practising this new layering malarkey on an elf model I'm going to use in my DnD campaign, and layering blue on his cloak as practice. I really like the effect, and think that it can be achieved relatively easily. I would like to buy something to keep the paint wet for longer though, and I think that this is readily available from most paint ranges so I'm going to take a look for pay day :)

Other than all this activity (it feels good to be home guys :)), I've been toying with the idea of painting up a custom unit of terminators as a hobby project, with decent bases and unique look/weaponry etc, so that might be coming soon too.

I've also pretty much decided that I'm going to re-paint my Skorne with a darker feel, and (shock horror) no blue! So once I've got the doctor finished, and Maelok well on his way, I'll try my new ideas out on a couple of primed 'spare' swordsmen that I have and see what you guys think :)

Lastly - I'd love to get my hands on some gatormen for converting another witchdoctor or two, but ebay seems pretty bare with only full units available.  I'm going to try bartertown today I think, but if anyone knows of any for sale then please let me know!

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