Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Loss of picture

Hi all

Just looking through some historic posts, and the pictures that were loaded to blogspot now no longer appear in the posts, any idea why this might have happened/how to remedy?



  1. If I had to guess, judging from the minus sign it might be a permissions thing. Maybe the picture album permissions are off on anything before the blogger google+ merge?

    go to https://picasaweb.google.com/home
    and see if the pics are in one of the albums. If they are, look for permissions to set them public, and see if that works. If they arent there, they mightve been deleted.

    I'm not positive if this is it though, as I keep everything on a photobucket account and link to that for blog pictures.

  2. Hi

    Thanks for the tip, unfortunately the photos aren't in the google album. how frustrating! I've only lost the photos before my move to photobucket though so not everything has gone. It's just too long ago for me to remember what photo appeared where in order to replace