Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mayday mayday

Managed to get a brief painting session in today after our weekend away.  Had plenty of housework to catch up with though so it was only maybe an hour or so of painting.  

I took the advice that most people had been sharing, and painted the things I felt inspired to paint. So I added some more layers of pallid flesh to Maelok, and began to think about what else needs adding. This model has a bewildering level of detail, and a lot of layers. By which I mean not only does he have skin, candles leather accessories, but he also has rotten skin, innards, and exposed bones. Lots to get on with, but I really really like the model and his back story so I enjoy painting him.

To complement this, I also chose a '15 minute model' which is an idea I picked up on the ppforums, and is a model which you may not particularly like/enjoy painting and trying to work on this model for just 15 minutes every time you sit down to paint.  My victim is the Gatorman Witch Doctor, who I've mentioned previously that I do not like, so I'm hoping I'm able to get him painted alongside something I do enjoy.  I've decided to make him a little different also and try an albino style paler skin tone compared to the rest of my Gatormen.

The reason I'm not going nuts with my freshly undercoated Hyperion model is that I really need a respirator of some description.  The dustmasks I've been using to work with the airbrush really aren't sufficient when I'm working so closely with the atomised chemicals coming out of the device.  I can't begin to describe the headache I had the other day when I was bascoating.
I'll have the window open wherever possible, in order to avoid a build up of fumes, and take regular breaks so as not to fumigate my dear wife who shares the study with me
So hopefully at the weekend I can get basecoating a few other miniatures, and start to work properly on Hyperion.  

That's all for now, hopefully have some progress pictures at the weekend

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