Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Airbrushing: Setup (Blog Week post2)

A previous comment enquired about the size of the entire rig, presumably with a view as to how it would affect existing workstations.

The short answer is that it fits in really well with my current set-up. The compressor goes to the left of my chair, in front of the left side of my desk, and near the window in our study room.

The brush rests in the cleaning pot just in front of my left desk speaker when not in use. Neither item takes up a great deal of room, or causes any great fuss to move around.

The pictures below should help to put this all into context. The lovely Ravyn appears in the photos to provide perspective to the items.

My desk is pretty chaotic at the best of times so it's great that all I need to do is shift the airbrush holder around to be accessible.

I'd like to cover the process of painting with/general use of the airbrush in future posts so I won't go into that a great deal at the moment, but I currently use an old magazine/newspaper to spray down onto, as well as a sheet of plain white paper propped in front of my monitor/over my keyboard to protect from any stray colour.

I'm off to the post office tomorrow to collect what I hope to be the rest of my paints & the thinner/airbrush cleaner that I ordered, so I can blog about the process end to end, maybe including cleaning time permitting later this week.

I hope all this is still useful

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