Sunday, 19 August 2012

Trays, games and paints

Managed to finally get some new paints ordered today, i've oreder VGC paints to replace my ageing citadel line, as well as some basic colours from VMA to help my airbrushing experience.  Hopefully they should arrive in time for the bank holiday (next Monday) so I can get some testing done after the weekend away we are takig for our one year anniversary.
Managed to get two games in in the past 24 hours as well which is ridiculous for me! One of which was teaching a friend from university (who i met again at the most recent tournament) how to use vassal, and the latter was a game with my best man and his Venethrax force at my gaff today.  Needless to say i lost both, but gaming is a laguh at any rate, and it's good to get games in :)
I've barely had time to get the Destors out of the box and make sure all the pieces are there unfortunately, but I did manage to mock up a base for one of them to see how the destors (plus thane) will look with eVyros.  The general idea is a river crossing with some riders on either side of the water, and some in mid-leap over it.  I'll post my prototype once it's closer to done.
I had ordered some PTFE tape for the airbrush connectors, so i'll document that this week in my airbrush write up.
Lastly, I've ordered a pair of tournament trays from this company who take orders for the bases over email only, very friendly guys though and great communications & service, so give em a try! Standard tray layout below for those who are interested :)

That's it for now, I'll hopefully have an airbrush write-up ready for mid-week including some experience on thinning/cleaning etc, as well as some WIPs/paint news early next week.

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  1. Ive been wanting to get a tournament tray for a while - I will give them a whirl - I cant see the trays on their website - do you have to email and ask them for them or did you find them somewhere online?

  2. I saw them on a thread on the privateer press forums, but it got locked asit contained commercial links. I think they only allow those if they link to battlefoam :p
    You'll have to email them to ask for the trays, but it only cost me 25GBP to get two trays delivered to my door. I'll post a write up andreview onceiI'vecollected the parcel from the post office