Monday, 27 August 2012

Blog Week 2012

There are plenty of things that I need to update the blog with at the moment, so instead of making back to back posts, and spam the IABN etc, I've decided to do a blog entry per day on various topics to get everything covered that I'd like to.

As well as this, I'm going to be spending time this week editing some tags on old posts to make the blog a bit more comprehensive and easier to navigate :)

I'd love to do some kind of give away at the end of this week, as The blog is also coming up to the 3year mark but I'm really not sure if there's enough interest/readers to make this interesting.

If it were to work, I'd have a post at the end of the week, and draw a name from comments on that post to win a base made and painted to requirements by me and sent out. I'd love to be able to do that so let's hope this works out!

I'll be making my first blog week post later on today, so until thank,
thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Blog-tastic! does this mean that like me you have managed to secure a week off to make the most of the bank holiday monday? If so how about another crack at vassal at some point?

  2. Haha, unfortunately not my friend, just lots of blogs to write this week :)

    perhaps one weekend coming up though?