Monday, 27 August 2012

Tray cool (Blog Week post1)

For the longest time, I forgot about my one time obsession with "witty" post titles and word play. Back to it I guess!

In a previous entry, I mentioned that I had ordered a tourney tray from a website I had spotted on the PP Forums. The original post was closed due to commercial product links, however I think this is drastically unfair, as other manufacturers posting there can post product links with impunity.

Anyhow, I was inspired by what I saw, and emailed the company in question immediately.  This is due to the fact that the original trays were done at special request by the poster on the PP forums, and at present no plans for anything other than special request production are in place. Ten days later (after a national holiday for them, and a weekend trip to the post depot for me) I had my grubby mitts on my parcel all the way from Lithuania.

My initial reaction was to be supremely gutted, as the postal service had decided to stand on the parcel and nearly snap both boards in the process... Fear not though intrepid readers! Part of the plan is to utilise both trays as one in order to get the most out of available model slots. Confused? Allow me to illustrate more clearly.

The tray as it was unpacked (note the damage on the front near the right hand side)

This is as the tray is supplied, pick and pluck almost for model placement.  The second tray is an identical layout, and as I removed the circles from the top layer to accommodate the largest base option, in the layer below, I removed one size smaller.  By which I mean in one space, I could have a heavy(or medium) base or a medium(or small) base with the smaller base size simply sitting on the lower layer. See below for clarification. The largest circle in the top right is removable to allow a Colossal/Battle Engine to be placed as well if I ever go crazy enough to buy one :p

And here we can see a few blindwater congregates chillin' along side Molik Karn who is standing in for all my heavy beasts on resin bases (rant incoming on third party resin bases....)

And finally, a picture which puts the neat size of the entire product into perspective, chillin' on top of my KR Case

The conclusion is that I love these trays. Simple as that. Yes, it's a shame that the postal service doesn't give a flip about my parcel, but all is not lost.  The fact that I'm gluing the layers together, and then to a base of 3mm MDF will give the tray a lot of added strength, and overcome the structural weakness imposed so far.  All it takes (after asking the chap who bought them on the PP forums) is some wood glue, and I'll sand the smooth surface off the contact areas of the two layers/base to ensure a good stick.

All in all, these are budget trays. Given the choice I'd much rather order a different tray from a maker in the US, but after enquiring about shipping and being quoted 30GBP for the privilege, I'm very glad I found this alternative. With a minimum of work/fuss I've turned that shipping money into a perfectly serviceable tournament tray.

Please get in touch if you have any questions guys, as I really think this is a worthwhile investment, and I'll be recommending these trays to anyone that asks me about them when I take them along to tournaments

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