Thursday, 28 October 2010

The (crit) fires of industry

I've had a string of net related issues recently, but I finally managed to track down and order the MHSF, UA and Ravyn along with some 0.5mm drill hits and brass rod, I'm not taking any chances with those crossbows!

I'm still without net access at home however, but that's only detriment to my post count :p in all seriousness, I've been painting a lot more without the distraction.

Last night I finally put the finishing touches to Xerxis who has been close to completion for months. I also buckled down and re based my stormfall archers (better cork than a wine bottle cork) and painted all 4 backpacks bar metallics which I'm chuffed with as the amount of separate detail on them was daunting.
I'm going to be playing Vyros/Xerxis for my next few games, hopefully pulling off a win with V. If not it's all practice, and I enjoy playing both casters so there's no real loss.

All the while I will be painting Ravyn and re-visiting my magno-jack for her second manticore.

Not much else going on really 'cept Halloween shenanigans. Still very determined to get Vyros working, reading everything I can pertaining to his use. I'll get there one day :)

Thanks for dropping by

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