Monday, 11 October 2010

List advice

Posted this on the forums and there has been no response after 70 views, hoping I get a better response here :)

I need some advice/opinions on the below Xerxis I've been running. Before anyone tears it apart, It's a slow build list, using the models I have in my collection without going crazy buying a lot more stuff.

On Friday I ran (succesful caster kill v pHaley);
Min Cetrati
Min Nihilators
Tyrant and standard
Swamp Gobbers

The plan is to brick down the centre of course and martial discipline the Nihilators through the shield wall last minute, which worked pretty well. The Tyrant was there to pick up any tough Nihilators, but of course that would require me to make a tough roll once in a while ;p

I'm pretty sure that I will be dropping the tyrant and going to full on the cetrati. Do you guys have any more ideas for a list like this? I have the below to add should i need to;

Full praets + Standard
Ancestral Guardian

Im open to suggestions, and do plan on expanding up to 50 point games once I'm a bit more used to the caster and the list, I was thinking maybe an agonizer and/or Orin Midwinter to enhance the brick?

Feedback/ CONSTRUCTIVE criticism really appreciated

Thanks in advance



  1. Well, I'll try to help some :).

    >> Swamp Gobbers
    >> Feralgeist

    What do you see as the role for each of these? I can see the Swamp Gobbers being helpful for some protection from shooting on the way up, which is helpful since you have no shooting. I don't really like the Feralgeist, myself, but I guess your mileage may very.

    I love the Nihilators with Xerxis, and I agree that yuo probably don't need the Tyrant Commander at this points level, since Xerxis can handle that task most of the time.

    I think the Agonizer is a good choice, because he's a versatile support piece. The Void Spirit might be nice too, especially in an anti-infantry role. I love the beasts you have, but I suspect you might be better off dropping one (you only have 5 Fury after all), or maybe switching one of the heavies for a light. The Razorworm is great for instance.

    As for the Cetrati, definitely run a full unit if you can. They're nasty!

  2. Cheers man, lots to think about. I need to do some testing of this list I think, more time on vassal is required!