Sunday, 7 November 2010

Cleansing flame

Welp. busy week again, and plenty to report. Still no pictures though I'm afraid. Decent natural light at this time of year is as rare as me winning with Vyros....
This just in - First Vyros win!! (Vassal doesn't count though does it?) that's right a win. Could've ended a lot sooner had I not activated the Griffon second with fleet to get flank. Vyros is one hardy warcaster, and packs a solid punch regardless of flank. I'm still making lots of mistakes, but learning is like that

In other less significant news, I recently overhauled my work area and have a painting queue, and a modeling queue rather than a jumble of models on cutting mats on my desk. Feels a lot less cluttered, and is a far better space to paint in now.

I've now finished the Vyros re-paint and my DnD miniature, as well as starting my friends DnD monk (an alleigant model form Menoth interestingly enough). Stormfall Archers are nearing completion too, backpacks 90% done, and just one stage (oh and skin I guess) plus snow left for the Archers themselves.

Ravyn is also pinned together and based, awaiting a good day for primer. I'm still waiting on my MHSF which I ordered and paid for around ten days ago (I really give up on any internet related webstore...) but I have a new set of brass and drill bits for the crossbows, so they should be ready by the next tourny hopefully.

Friend of mine from the club on Mondays is building a 35pt Strakhov list in small installments. Not one to be left out when there's miniatures buying to be done, I've plumped for Menoth (my first choice was the Butcher but Khador v Khador would be a bit dull). So christmas (gifts from me to me at least) will be FoW Menoth, FoH Minions and the Menoth Battlebox methinks.

Again, a lot going on, but not much evidence of it. Will attempt some pictures if it's sunny next weekend, but i dont get home from work early enough to try in the evenings im afraid

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