Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Technological interference

It's been a long week. Not only did my iPhone give up the ghost and need to be returned to the shop for repair, but my broadband provider decided to switch my service off early before the next IP could connect me...

Many angry phone calls later, and the internet seems to be back up, but my beloved iPhone is still a week away apparently.

Anyhow, in the meantime, my lost package finally arrived, and I have converted up and painted the Avatars of War War-Priest miniature to represent my DND Cleric. Very pleased with the final results, which I will hopefully be able to take pictures of this weekend.

I also had a game with Vyros at the club this week (yes that's right, Vyros) and it was a very closely fought game. eNemo's feat is horrendous when he runs many 'jacks (who wouldn't run many 'jacks with him?) but Defensive line and Inviolable resolve on Sentinels is one tough nut to crack. Vyros held his own with a flanking Griffon, but I had left him far back behind his own lines, as I insist on playing every 'caster as support until I get it through my thick skull to do otherwise.

I actually almost won the game thanks to an Arcanist un-disrupting my Phoenix and allowing him to get to Nemo (gotta love mobility on a heavy) but of course I missed with his thermal blade (snake eyes) hit with the fist, then snake eyes on the bought sword attack. Gutted doesn't even cover it to be honest.
This is all after two sentinels fluffed attack rolls the turn before, so overall I was quite pleased with my first WM game in months.

Hordes has taught me a lot about the game system(s) but deployment is still a weakness, as is order of activation. For some reason, I always seem to allocate focus to the Phoenix, despite it still being there at the end of the turn...

I'm really in two minds whether or not to run Vyros at the tourney this Sunday, or to stick with Xerxis, who I am a bit more comfortable with. If I can get a couple of Vassal games in before the weekend then I may well take Vyros. We shall see what time permits.

Payday is a-comin' and for the first time in a long while, I have no list of miniatures ready to snap up from the LGS. I'm toying with the idea of Discordia for Vyros at 50 pts (even though I bought the minion elf 'lock for just such a purpose grumblegrumble) as a spray attack on his feat turn would be ridiculous. In anticipation of the Retribution Destors who are rumoured for this year, I'm tempted to pick up the second unit of sentinels for Vyros' tier, reinforced by the amateur mistakes I made with the first unit I built (let's just say I wash all my minis before assembly, and pin pretty much all joins nowadays). Or perhaps battle mages for Rahn's tier, Mage hunters and Ravyn, the list goes on...
Then there is Hordes to consider, Marketh is out this month sure, and I want Orin and an agonizer for Xerxis' brick, but what else should I get? Beastmasters, Arcuarii?

Much pondering is needed before I get my grubby mitts on a month's worth of money...
Any input is greatly appreciated!

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