Saturday, 9 October 2010

An an eXerxise in pain

Why do I insist on trying to be witty with blog titles?

Friday night gaming in Leeds last night, and it was a blast. I lost my first game to a chap who had never played WM/Hordes before. Stop laughing, he was being helped by the PG and three other guys :P
I wasn't taking it too seriously, and took the opportunity to hyper aggression my Bronzeback half-way down the field from his Widowmaker/Winterguard shots. Just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should :)

The second game was against someone who has been playing a little longer, and who I had previously faced in a very close game with my eMakeda v his Baldur in the Genesis event, which was a very close game indeed. He played pHaley this time with stormy guys (halberds and swords). I was really very please with how my list performed, Bricking down the centre, using Martial discipline to devastating effect with the Nihilators moving (polarity shield or some such spell denying charge) through the shield wall with Press Forward from Xerxis. Berzerk is a very useful ability, especially with reach, and with good positioning, it can be ended quite effectively when they have to attack a shieldwalled, defenders warded Cetrati. The kill came from the tyrant of tyrants himself, who Overtook his way through some grunts straight into Haley's grill on feat. I stupidly then decided to cast fury instead of buying attacks, and of course missed. I awaited my demise.

Of course Haley 'ain't no thang' in combat, so Xerxis survived, cut for 5 and ended Haley.
Thoroughly enjoyable, even when awaiting my demise at the hands of my opponent. I still seem to be too careful with my heavies, and certainly need to get my caster stuck in more, and I'm constantly searching for stats on my cards :P

One thing about the list that I will be dropping is the Tyrant commander and standard. The plan was that the Nihilators would either berserk themselves, or get killed and make tough rolls, and the Tyrant can then stand them up next turn. This strategy of course depends on me actually making a tough roll, which I am only able to do when it means Haley can move away once the guy is knocked down... Coupled with the fact that Xerxis has both of the other orders that the Tyrant commander has, his points would be better used elsewhere.

On the whole I'm happy with the list and the way it performs. When I eventually get order of activation down pat, I'm sure I will make better use of it :)

Thanks for dropping by


  1. Personally, I like the witty titles :)

    Sounded like a good game, actually. I imagine Haley would be quite a challenge to face, because Temporal Barrier is such a pain. Did he not run any Long Gunners? That's another unit I worry about when thinking about Skorne matchups.

  2. Temporal barrier is a nightmare :(
    no long gunner in sight, double tap is evil, lol makes quick work of any unit in my experience. Was much fun though :)