Monday, 22 March 2010

Vertical learning curve

Just had a great game at the club. I was perhaps a little over confident going into the game however. I continue to be amazed by how many attacks warpwolves can buy. Those things certainly pack a punch or four. Vyros spent all 6 focus and only managed to dismount the circle dragoon chap. Very disappointing. The sentinels and vengance continue to make me grin like an idiot, perhaps not so much today as they were well outside Vyros' ctrl area on feat. I swear I read that card twenty times at least, and I didn't know the kill had to be in his ctrl area... The palmmprint on my forehead will take some explaining tomorrow!
I'm thinking of dabbling a couple of games without Vyros. Facing eKrueger tonight made me think a Rahn list would be a lot of fun. My next purchase for my Ret will either be Garryth with a unit of Mage hunters or a unit if halberdiers for Rahn.

Opinions anyone?

While I'm canvassing opinions, I wonder whether to have Invictros in my Vyros list at all... They never manage flank, and only ever get a few shots off. But what are the alternatives?..
Anyway, I feel like I've learned alot in my ten games so far, despite being 0 for 10. Most importantly however, I'm still enjoying the game, new found friends, a great hobby and community. It's also relevant to mention here that I think a lot about each game while I'm limping away ;p

Sorry for the wall of text. I'll have some battle mage photos by the weekend hopefully, and possibly WIP stormfall :)

Thanks for stopping by

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  1. Halbediers are awesome, and I cannot recommend them enough for Rahn lists. Pretty durable with good stats/weapons and shield wall, pretty fast with the UA reform, potentially devastating with the halberd charge and CMA. and then oh, BTW all my guys get to see through them. Vyros with Resolve could make them over the top.

    IMHO, they're better than TFG, IFP, or Steelheads.

    They're a great unit to combo with stormfalls, invictors, battle mages and MHAs.

    On the invictors, do you run them with a marshalled Jack? I know you are using Vyros, so I'm assuming not. I've heard they can be good with a griffon or gorgon escort... Although I don't use them myself. I would prefer either Riflemen or Sentinels instead with a Rahn list. The invictors seem like the jack of all trades master of none unit for Retribution. Unfortunately most of their other units are REALLY good at one aspect. I could see an Invictor spam list working pretty well, and they seem like they'd be pretty great with Rayvn, but I think Vyros should be taking Sentinels and Cav.

    Also, I believe for Vyros just YOUR unit has to be in CTRL, not the enemy unit. Thats an imprtant distinction if you're rocking Hydra spamor Stormfall

  2. Yeah, I think halberdiers are my next purchase to be honest, awesome models as well. I'm intrigued by Ravyn and Garryth. To be honest, the only caster that I don't see myself using at all is Kaelyssa. The rest of them appeal to me on a few levels :)

    Very much looking forward to the Cavalry coming out. I've got a lot of new basing ideas I 'd like to try with them :)

    cheers for the tips