Saturday, 20 March 2010


As I write this, I'm playing the final turn of a Vassal game. After not attempting a game for weeks, for fear of proxies making the matter more confusing, I am pleasantly surprised at how easy it has been. coupled with a very patient opponent (Pantheon I'm looking at you) I've had a great game, and learned a helluvalot about
 a) my Vyros list (I LOVE Sentinels, there I said it), and
b) the game - charge lanes, reach, you name it, it came up and I didn't know it, but now I do. I even feated, and made it work to feed my Hydra for a pot shot at mordikaar, and the phoenix munched down some sword guys too, but of course the turn after, I got a few Vengance moves with the Sents, so regretted spending it early :P

I feel like I'm raring to go for my next game, Vassal or otherwise. and believe you me, I'll be playing a lot more vassal ;p. PM me here or on the forums, and let's duke it out! I finished my battlemages today, so I guess I can start testing a Rahn list, se what baldy and his follically challenged magic mates bring to the table.

Lastly - Skorne look pretty fun to play, mini feats on units are something I like - adds a lot of character I think. Makes my "I'm playing trollbloods" decision a little shakey ;_;
Tyrant Xerxis has always been a favourite model of mine, and I like the look of the filigree armour. Might be a little tricky to paint though I suppose. Exciting times :)

Thanks for stopping by

A very positive (even excited) feeling Lofty


  1. Hey lofty-
    I'd love to get in a vassal game against you. I actually main Rahn so maybe we could teach each other a few tricks with the angry elves. my AIM and PP forum name are Namiriel if you're down.


  2. I've added you :)
    let's see if we can't get a game sorted :)