Sunday, 21 March 2010

Gotta Have Faith

I'm writing this while playing a very different type of game on Vassal today. Lots of spectators, so I explain that I'm new to the game at the beginning and still learning the rules. My opponent is good about it and helps me out. My problem however lies with all the spectators who begin to ask my opponent whether or not I can do this based on my models stats. I am after all present, and wonder why I'm being spoken about like I'm not. After all, who better to answer these questions... On top of this, in light of the apparent beating I'm taking, someone starts to set up another army on my side of the board, ready for when I've gone... Unbelievable right? not to mention confusing while I'm still playing the game. I guess for every good guy, you get three idiots. which is a real shame, because I'm yet to find a bad opponent on Vassal.

On a lighter note, I managed a pretty nifty feat with a manticore trample, leaving the manticore set up on eGoreshade next turn. but of course 'shade chewed it up and spat it out ;p
Still learning and still having fun (mainly...)


  1. heheh yeah vassal has always been tricky. Sometimes things go like a charm sometimes you hit jack-asses without rolling a to hit. That's Why I usually don't play in weekends. Still you did some nice moves just make sure to think about your turn before hand ;)(you know what I mean :P )

    Cheers CJ

  2. Yeah man I know exactly what you mean :)
    Great game though, Learning a lot with these Vassal games, so it's all great experience

  3. Yea.
    Its nasty wen you do something and all te spectators ask your oponent...