Thursday, 18 March 2010


I had my first PP sanctioned game last night. (organised by my local PG).

Still losing with Vyros, but I'm slowly but surely learning the rules. I'm also learning that I hate Cryx. Well maybe not so much cryx but spray templates in general.

Something else that has become apparent is that I know nothing about the models I'm facing. Which leads me into some silly situations, like the exploding scrap thralls, wish I has known what they did first :)
I also still haven't used Vyros' feat... Timing is a big issue for me, and I should be letting Vyros keep focus, and feat, rather than feeding jacks every turn.

I'm going to shake up my list a little, and see if I can get the hang of him a little better. I will be giving Rahn a try too, just as a break, as well as getting 'second caster' practice in as well.
Really enjoyed my games however, and despite losing, I was pleased with my performance (totalled a thunderhead with sentinels game one, and one-shotted a bonejack with MHA game two)

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Hey Lofty, nice write up. I wouldn't worry too much about knowing all the model stats in the game. The element of surprise in past games can be a good thing in future games. Just think, next time you face Cryx, you'll know what scrap thralls do.

    I think its part of the fun in playing the game. The table top experience with models outweighs trying to remember all the stats and theory machine. You can get a feel for what things do and don't have to remember mat or rat, just what models specialize in.

    In the Resurgence tournament, I faced Lich Lord Asphyxious twice in a row. In both games, my opponent popped his feat. I don't know what the feat is called but I do know that he replinishes all focus and starts slinging spells. Its a good way to learn the game, in my opinion.

  2. Hey man,

    thanks for the comments, I think you're right. I'm getting worried about what I don't know, when just playing and getting a feel for my models is more important.

    Going to change caster for a couple of games, try and get a feel for more aspects of the game, and then maybe back to Vyros when I feel like I can do him justice.

    cheers :)

  3. I'll agree with bluecardinal and say that you don't have to know what everything in the game does. Just being familiar with its general feel, plus any normal "tricks" will get you by.

    FYI to bluecardinal, he was playing Iron Lich Asphyxious, who is more of a spell-slinger/melee beatstick. Lich Lord Asphyxious' feat returns 10 friendly destroyed warrior models to the game for one round, which makes him quite a mean infantry caster to face. Regardless, both versions of Asphyxious typically use their feat for assassination.

  4. No one knows everything, there is too much crap and MKII forced you to relearn everything any way, just remember both sides can sucker punch.

    As for Vyros, well simple, make an unkillable unit of sentinels fill up 2 Hydras and then use speed 8 Hydras to make people cry. The key to him is playing back and using his focus well.

    The problem with his feat is that it allocates focus, which makes it useless on Hydras unless you used up focus the turn before. I personally play him as if he has no feat and then when it pops up and I can abuse it with my normal activation order I will do so.