Sunday, 28 March 2010

Skorne: paint test

So here it is, a VERY quick mock up of what I intend to do with my new guys. Be frank, be brutal, I need the comments, as I'm very unsure of how it looks. I prefer the lighter of the two schemes, and the drybrushing is particularly sloppy, as I have very little time spare this afternoon. I may even ditch highlighting and patin the ridges/filigree. I personally think I prefer the lighter of the two (though the sunlight seems to have washed both to the same sort of brightness) and the green wash I used was perhaps too heavy. Anyway, I'm going on now. Pics below, let me know what you all think.

Once again, mr Astray over at rollingyellowdice, has sent these models to me gratis, as he no longer plays WM/Hordes. That's right FREE... I will send him some Malifaux minis as a thank you though, as I really feel bad taking all this for nothing. I will be blogging my thoughts around the army, as well as (of course) any and all painting progress I make. I'm going to try and order some empty bases of all sizes to make more of an effort with bases right down to regular infantry, rather than saving it for jacks/solos/casters as I have been doing.
I stayed away from Skorne as my choice for Hordes, as I was scared of the fancy shmancy armour, but after having seen it, I think I can make a decent job of it once I get a good scheme sorted. I know almost nothing of the background, except for what I've managed to read in Primal. However, I do like the look, and military feel of the army, and the varied beast options really appeal to me.

I think I'm going to wait until the Hordes releases start coming out before I add anything to this fledgeling force (35 points and an extra caster), but I'm almost certainly going to try and get my head round the Hordes mechanics on Vassal, and at the club in the meanwhile.

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  1. I want my models back if you're going to butcher tham with that paint scheme :P

  2. Yeah, noone seems to like it really except me :( back to the drawing board!