Friday, 26 March 2010

I haven't JUST been playing recently

And here is the proof;

Sorry about the bad lighting, the sun stayed out long enough for me to set up, and get my camera out, and then went away again... All I have unpainted atm is my Stormfall, but they are on hold till i get some new brushes, as my GW ones which I got for christmas are pretty much bald by now... Bad batch I hope. Maesltrom games ha ve a discount voucher going, so I will be replacing brushes over Easter, as well as getting hold of the ret halberdiers for mr Rahn, probably when we get back from Bruges.

A friend of mine has just posted me 35 points of his skorne models... Gratis... I know, crazy right? This is the man who got me into blogging about my hobby, as well as Vassal, so I owe him a helluvalot :) So a big thank you to Astray over at Rollingyellowdice

After playing a lot of Vassal recently, the Skorne are certainly very appealing. I've been getting better at WM through Vassal too recently (he says, as he hasn't won a single game from 14), but the rules are sticking in my mind a lot more, and I make a lot fewer mistakes. On the whole, it's getting more fun, and I'm getting better, and enjoying it more. Looking forward to branching out into Hordes too, with only fury/animi being big rules changes (I think), it makes it easier to do something completely different :)

Looking forward to getting away with my better half next week, we haven't been away in ages, and it will be great to do so.

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  1. Damn, now I'm curious to see what you do with Skorne...

  2. funny you should say that, because they arrived today ^_^
    a couple of the swordsmen are undercoat only, so I will try and mock up a colour scheme before I go to Bruges. Pretty much if I have time in the morning, as I'm helping out with a production which my girlfriend is in. I'm thinking quite dark green, lacquered style armour....