Thursday, 22 October 2009

Voices In The Fan

Prime Remix finally arrived ^_^

Getting some fluff reading done this week while I finish off my Invictors. the colour scheme got some good comments on here and on the PP forums, which is a real confidence boost, not to mention motivation to complete and post a few more pictures :)

I also just ordered a box of Sentinels, a Griffon, a new pin vice & drill bits, and Kaelysa. I had forgotten about the postal strikes though so I wasted money on first class post... I'm hoping it will arrive on Saturday, best not hold my breath however.

Not alot else to report, other than that I contacted the Leeds Press Ganger who is hoping to have a gaming neight set up locally by new year. Not long to wait for my first game of WM, and it will give me half a chance to get a playable force painted :) can't wait to be honest!

Will post more pictures when I finish more models.