Tuesday, 6 October 2009

No turning back

I just ordered my first ever Warmachine miniatures! :)

After my last post I took the plunge and ordered a box of Dawnguard Invictors, and the Dawnlord Vyross model. I also ordered the Warmachine Legends book to go with my Prime Remix rulebook due to be delivered this week (I know MK2 is due out in a few months, but I didn't want to miss out on any of the storyline :))

I've been looking around on forums for some ideas on how to use Vyros in games, but I think a lot of the tactics etc are beyond me at the moment, and should all make sense once I get hold of MK2. It's all really interesting though, with differnet combos of models and abilities/feats etc. It will be good when Vassal is updated to include the retribution so I can get a feel for the way Retribution armies play. Then I can plan purchases based on games rather than looks. This is of course no substitute for playing real models against real opponenets on the table, but I'm still looking for a local source of Warmachine games.

Still listening to the GutsnGears Podcast, which is really good for anyone into the Iron Kingdoms hobby, beginner or otherwise and once I've caught up to the more recent episodes I'm sure there will be more Retribution/MK2 based material.

Not a lot more to say really, excited about getting hold of the new models, got some rare earth magnets on their way to me from eBay too, ready for when I order my Warjacks.

Thats about it for now I guess, I'll update once I start recieving my purchases :P



  1. Welcome to the 'Trib :)

    I've got Vyros all ready to go, but can't pull him out right now - I'm knee-deep in the WMHC2 with my Trolls. I look forward to playing pointy-eared arrogant gits once I'm done though :)

  2. Hi there :)
    thanks for the warm welcome :) I just can't wait to get hold of my first WM models and get painting! Hopefully won't be too much longer before I find a local opponent/wargaming club